May 17, 2023
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As a prominent global provider of integrated communication and information solutions, this leading organization caters to the needs of telecom operators, government entities, enterprise customers, and consumers. By leveraging innovative technologies and offering cutting-edge product solutions, they extend their services across more than 160 countries and regions. With a reach that spans over a quarter of the global population, their unwavering commitment is to foster a future characterized by widespread connectivity and trust in every corner of the world.


Very good knowledge of the transport technologies

Knowledge of all common transmission technologies such as xWDM, Ethernet/IP, MPLS, OSPF

Several years of experience in planning regarding new construction and conversion of xWDM

Experience with logical fibre planning

Independent and solution-oriented work according to design specifications

Well knows the process and specification of planning from Telefonica Germany network

Well known of the tools of Telefonica Germany, such as netsite, Linda, MPM, x:acta, etc


The planning process should align with the Planning Guidelines of TEF

The specifications provided by TEF need to be reviewed against these Guidelines, and any deviations, such as slot/port assignments, must be reported

It is important to update the status values in the workflow tools of TEF and implement any new measures if required

Service and hardware order items should be generated following the prescribed process and documentation in TEF's tools, and the installation message should be prepared

The workpack documents should be created in an agreed format and stored in a location designated by TEF

Guide team and/or provide the HLD/LLD

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