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Will AI replace recruiters?

June 26, 2023

There is a lot of talk these days about AI and the growing role it is playing in the recruitment market. At Kalytech Consulting, a firm specialised in Tech staffing, we asked ourselves about its performances: what are the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting with AI?

The advantages of recruiting with AI

  1. Sort and analyse CVs: AI can extract objective information from CVs (skills, experience and qualifications), compare it with specific job criteria.
  2. Select candidates with the best skills. AI can be used to match candidates' experience, technical skills and qualifications against job requirements.
  3. AI can be used to conduct pre-recorded online interviews where candidates answer questions pre-defined by the AI. The AI takes into account various criteria such as body language, tone of voice, etc.
  4. Fast, accurate answers via recruitment chatbots  (vacancies, application processes, requirements, etc.)
  5. Bias detection: discrimination based on age, gender or ethnicity can be detected by AI. As a result, companies can correct them and promote greater fairness in their recruitment processes.
  6. Employee retention prediction: AI can analyse internal company data such as employee performance, length of stay and factors associated with employee turnover. AI can then help predict a candidate’s engagement for a specific company.

Where it goes wrong when you recruit with AI

  1. 1.Algorithmic bias can be replicated by AI: gender, age, ethnicity… It is vital to ensure that AI systems are regularly evaluated to identify and correct these biases.
  2. Lack of human interaction: AI will struggle to assess complex skills or subtle aspects of a candidate's personality.” It is essential to combine AI with human assessment to get a complete and accurate picture of candidates," comments Laurent Byé, founder of Kalytech Consulting.
  3. Collecting and processing large amounts of candidates' personal data brings with it the risk of data breaches or misuse.
  4. Lack of transparency: AI systems can be seen as "black boxes". It is important to clearly explain to candidates and recruiters how AI is being used and on what basis decisions are being made.
  5. Last but not least, keep in mind that if you use amazing AI tools for your recruitment, candidates will be able to do the same. After all, who is in the best position to apply through an IA, if not another IA?

Why do we use AI with caution to recruit our consultants at Kalytech Consulting?

Human interaction is crucial in the recruitment process. During interviews, we can understand the subtleties of a candidate beyond what can be seen on a CV.

We identify personality traits and assess whether the candidate's personality is compatible with the company's culture.

We develop an emotional connection and trust with our candidates. In our market, Tech recruitment, where talent is scarce, this helps us to convince them to work together.

We adapt to market trends and business developments. As a Consulting firm, it's not unusual for client requirements to evolve over time. As unprogrammed humans, we have the flexibility to adapt quickly.

"AI can improve the efficiency of the recruitment process. However, the programmed AI algorithm cannot replace the feeling and intuition of human recruiters or assess a freelance or future employee’s ability to fit into a company's culture, for example," concludes Laurent Byé, founder of Kalytech Consulting. It's a whole profession and you can't program it...

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